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Rajasthan Hospital | Hotels near Rajasthan Hospital Ahmedabad

If you’re visiting Rajasthan Hospital in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, then you should consider staying at Hotel Elysian Residency. The hotel is conveniently located within a 5-minute drive from the hospital, making it an ideal choice for those who need to be close to the medical facilities.

The hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms with modern amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious Indian and international cuisine, and guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning.

hotels near rajasthan hospital ahmedabad

Hotel Elysian Residency also offers a range of services such as laundry, room service, and a 24-hour front desk. The hotel staff is friendly and accommodating, ensuring that guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

In addition to its proximity to Rajasthan Hospital, Hotel Elysian Residency is also close to other popular tourist destinations in Ahmedabad, such as Sabarmati Ashram and Kankaria Lake. So, whether you’re in Ahmedabad for business or leisure, Hotel Elysian Residency is an excellent choice for your stay.


BAPS Hospital | Hotels near BAPS Hospital Ahmedabad

Located in the heart of Ahmedabad’s Shahibaug area, BAPS Hospital is a world-class healthcare facility providing comprehensive medical care to patients. If you are visiting the hospital, then consider staying at Hotel Elysian Residency, which is a great accommodation option in the vicinity.

The hotel provides spacious and comfortable rooms with modern amenities like air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms. The hotel staff is welcoming and accommodating, ensuring a hassle-free stay for guests.

Hotels near BAPS Hospital Ahmedabad

Hotel Elysian Residency is situated close to the BAPS Hospital, making it an ideal choice for patients or their family members who require a convenient and comfortable stay. The hotel also offers easy access to other popular attractions in Ahmedabad, such as the Sabarmati Ashram, the Kankaria Lake, and the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque.

In addition, the hotel features an on-site restaurant serving a variety of Indian and international cuisine, as well as 24-hour room service. Overall, Hotel Elysian offers a great stay experience for those visiting BAPS Hospital in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad.


Civil Hospital | Hotels near Civil Hospital Ahmedabad

If you’re visiting Civil Hospital in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, it’s important to have a comfortable and convenient place to stay nearby. One such option is Hotel Elysian Residency, located just a few kilometers away from the hospital.

The hotel provides comfortable and spacious rooms, equipped with modern amenities like free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and flat-screen TVs. The rooms are designed to provide a relaxing and comfortable stay, making it a perfect choice for travelers seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

Hotels near Civil Hospital Ahmedabad

Apart from the comfortable rooms, the hotel offers a range of services and facilities including room service, laundry service, 24-hour front desk, and a restaurant serving delicious food. The hotel is located in a prime location, making it easy to explore the nearby attractions like Sabarmati Ashram and Kankaria Lake.

Overall, Hotel Elysian Residency offers a comfortable and convenient stay for visitors to Civil Hospital in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable stay with all the necessary amenities and services.


Namaste Circle | Best Hotels near Namaste Circle Shahibaug

Namaste Circle is a popular tourist destination located near Hotel Elysian Residency in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. The circle is named after the iconic “Namaste Tower” situated in its vicinity. The tower is a magnificent 23-storey building that has become a landmark in Ahmedabad. Its unique design, resembling hands folded in the traditional Indian greeting, makes it a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

Best Hotels near Namaste Circle Shahibaug

Namaste Circle is also home to a beautiful garden with a fountain that adds to the charm of the area. The garden is perfect for a leisurely walk or a picnic with friends and family. The circle is a bustling hub of activity with various restaurants, cafes, and shops selling local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Apart from the Namaste Tower, the circle is also surrounded by many other prominent landmarks such as the Sabarmati Ashram, the Sardar Patel Stadium, and the Calico Museum of Textiles. The circle is easily accessible via public transportation and is a great spot to spend a relaxing evening with loved ones.


BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir | Hotel near BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Shahibaug Ahmedabad

BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, is a majestic temple that attracts devotees and visitors from all over the world. The temple’s grandeur is breathtaking, with intricately carved marble pillars, walls, and domes, and a tranquil garden surrounding it. The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and is an essential pilgrimage site for devotees of the Swaminarayan sect.

hotel near baps swaminarayan mandir shahibaug ahmedabad

Visitors can explore the temple’s peaceful surroundings, take a tour of the inner sanctum, and observe daily worship ceremonies. The temple also offers a glimpse into the rich culture and traditions of Gujarat.

Apart from the spiritual significance, the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir is also an architectural marvel, with stunning carvings and intricate detailing that make it a must-visit for architecture enthusiasts. The temple’s serene ambiance, intricate carvings, and ornate architecture make it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate one’s mind and soul.

Whether you are a devotee or a curious traveler, a visit to the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, is an experience that you will cherish forever.